News - BETTER BUILDING - Certifying VET teachers as Energy Saving Advisers - A transfer system into three different European societies

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Interview with Barbara Erjavec, Papilot (SI), about the project


Final evaluation partner meeting

On November 10th 2009, the final “Better Building” project meeting took place in Bologna, Italy.
Partners discussed various exploitation possibilities, in particular for the products the target country partners have developed. IAL, Papilot and TEKSAV presented their strategic ideas about future deployment within their countries. BEST, RKK and FRG, in addition to further implementing results within their own countries, once again agreed on cooperation in terms of using project results within their existing international networks.
The meeting also served for dealing with finalisation issues on a technical and administrative level.
Altogether, the “Better Building” outcomes have been evaluated as an important contribution for innovative didactical offers to different educational providers in VET. In Italy, Turkey and Slovenia, the National Strategic Advisory group has shown considerable interest in continuing their support in terms of further development of the three main products the partnership has elaborated, i.e. the Better Building in VET Train the Trainer Qualification Curricula, Didactic guidelines and recommendations and Implementation Concept.
All products will be available for free download for at least two years after the project’s official ending at the project website:



On June 23rd 2009 the partnermeeting took place in Bologna, Italy. The partners discussed the current situation regarding the production, the approval of the products and deployment plans of the partners. Besides that previous dissemination activities were presented and future steps for the project were discussed and defined.

Subsequent to the partnermeeting the multiplier conference took place to inform other guests about the project. Find more information about the conference under the menu item "international conference".




The validation meeting

The partnership met in Ljubljana from 24-25.10.2008 to discuss validation issues, as well as publication of the final product version, the "Better Building Modular Curricula and the Didactic Guidelines" for VET providers and their staff. All materials will be available free of charge for non-commercial use soon.


National Strategic Partners Meetings - 2

7 people from 4 different organizations (2 of them belong to the National Strategic Advisory Group members) participated in Ankara at the NSAG meeting on June 04th, 2008.

The second workshop meeting

At the second project workshop which took place in Stavanger on June 21st, the partners of the target countries, Italy, Slovenia and Turkey presented the draft materials they had elaborated for the validation phase in autum.

The first workshop meeting took place in Bologna

The partners met in Bolgna to discuss the country analysis.
IAL hosted the workshop and showed best parctices of "Better Building" on a city tour.


Strategic partner's meeting in Ankara

In Turkey, the first national strategic partners meeting of the BB project was held on January 29th, 2008 at Hotel Ickale in Ankara. 14 staff members from 7 different governmental and non-governmental organisations participated at the meeting.







The kick-off meeting took place in Vienna

Helmut Kronika (BEST) presented the outline of the project, the partners discussed the activities for each work package of the project.









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Scientific Articles

A report discussing ways in which didactic teaching methods can be adapted in vocational educational training across Europe to make students more energy efficient and environmentally aware

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A report analysing the development and implementation progress of the “Better Building – Certifying VET teachers as energy saving advisers. A transfer system into three different European societies” project within the target countries (i.e. Italy, Slovenia and Turkey)