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In March 2008, the EC sets ambitious targets to reduce global warming:

Results of a recent survey on attitudes and behaviour of the European citizens regarding the environment can be found here:

Information and calculation fo your Co2 footprint available at the EC website:

The EC describes how the EU is contributing to a quality environment in the text and illustrated document for free download here:

General information on the Kyoto protocol can be found here:

Watch a WWF-video animation on the climate change at

Austrian Ministries on environment and ecology: and

The Austrian Federal Environment Agency:

The European Appliance Information System: (Java needed!)

International statistics on energy supply and consumption:
and some more indicators at

The first European "Passivhouse":

Data on world climate:

A 111 MB file (!) video for 2 min 30 secs on uses for photovoltaics cells:

Europe's chances in climate chance. A speech of José Manuel Durão Barroso:


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