International conference - BETTER BUILDING - Certifying VET teachers as Energy Saving Advisers - A transfer system into three different European societies

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2007 LLP-LDV-TOI-07-IT-307
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Multiplier conference


At the end of the Better Building project, a conference was organised in Bologna on June 23rd 2009 to present and disseminate the products, i.e. the Better Building train-the-trainer qualification curriculum, didactic guidelines, and implementation concepts for Italy, Solvenia and Turkey to representatives of educational organisations and stakeholders from other European countries. Challenges and the national situation regarding education in the building sector, as well as the problems predominating in building and construction areas in Italy, Slovenia and Turkey were discussed.

Then, Better Building products that could contribute to the solution of these situations were presented by the project partners. Guests from Poland, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as representatives from Italian training organisations and universities discussed the respective situations and related solutions in their countries with the Better Building partnership. Other European projects have been introduced at the end of the conference.

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Summary of the situations in Italy, Slovenia and Turkey

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Presentation of Better Building products

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Other projects

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